Health and safety abroad

You must take precautions for your safety before and during your stay abroad.
Emergency number of Leiden University: +31 71 527 6666.


Emergency number:

+31 71 527 6666

Things to do before you go abroad

  1. Read Leiden University’s Regulations on Studying Abroad

  2. Check safety situation abroad
    Before buying a ticket : check the safety situation in the country you will be visiting:
    Reisadviezen (in Dutch) | Travel Advice (in English)

  3. Obtain health advise & vaccinations
    Make an appointment with Leiden University’s VGM Travel Clinic via tel. 071- 5263643 or 071-5268015. Please do so at least 2 months before departure. The VGM Travel Clinic provides advice on matters such as preventative measures, vaccinations and anti-malarial medication. They are located in the “Poortgebouw”, behind Leiden Central Station (South entrance, 3rd floor).
    For general travel advice go to:
    - Per country: (in Dutch) | (in English)
    - General information:  

  4. Take out travel & cancellation insurance
    Make sure the policy states that you are covered for either training/education or a long-term stay abroad.  It should also cover all medical costs (unlimited), repatriation, legal assistance, liability, luggage, etc. For example see AON student insurance

  5. Provide emergency contact information
    Make sure the university has your contact details abroad (address where you will be staying, telephone number and e-mail address where you can be reached). Also provide the University with the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of people to be contacted in case of an emergency (e.g. your parents or other relatives).

  6. Buy a flexible flight ticket
    Make sure you can change your flight dates (arrival and departure) easily if needed.

  7. Scan important documents
    Make a scan of all your important papers such as your passport, tickets, health insurance card, travel insurance, credit card and debit card (plus the telephone numbers for blocking your cards if required) and send them to your email address as attachment.

  8. Pick up an Emergency Contact Card
    A credit card-sized Emergency Contact Card can be collected from Plexus Student Centre (Kaiserstraat 25) or from your study abroad advisor at your faculty or programme. The card provides useful web links and phone numbers and you can also add your personal information. Carry it with you at all times when travelling abroad, in case of emergency.

During your stay abroad

  1. Upon arrival at your destination, remember to register with your home country’s closest embassy or consulate. 
    Register online at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Dutch)
    List of Dutch embassies/consulates (in Dutch) 

  2. Update contact details
    If you buy a local phone for use during your stay abroad don’t forget to send us your new (mobile) telephone number.

  3. Provide local host contact details
    Send us the contact details (email address and telephone number) of the contact person at your host institution.

  4. Monitor safety situation
    Keep up to date on the safety situation in the country you are visiting. Always follow instructions from your local host and local contact person and check the following websites regularly: reisadviezen (in Dutch) | Travel advice (in English)

  5. Emergency number
    In case of a life threatening situation, immediately contact Leiden University’s 24/7 

Emergency number:

+31 71 527 6666

Last Modified: 09-10-2014