Trustee Funds (Curatorenfondsen)

For students who are unable to obtain other forms of financial support or loans.

Trustee funds are intended to contribute to the study costs of students who are unable to obtain other forms of financial support or loans. These fund are also used to provide one-off student travel subsidies for study activities carried out abroad. For the latter, requests for subsidy are evaluated on the basis of fixed qualitative requirements in terms of the project and the achieved study results. The financial situation of the applicant is also taken into consideration. After completion of the study activity abroad, the student must submit a report to the administrator of the fund. Further information on the awarding of trustee funds is available from the Student Counsellors.

The application

Applications should consist of the following:  

  1. Application / letter of motivation
    In the application you should say something about yourself, your reason for wanting to go abroad and how the period of study abroad fits into your curriculum. You should also explain your financial situation, the amount of student grant (studiefinancering) you receive, the amount of your student loan, other sources of income and the financial situation of your parents.

    Leiden University
    Beheerder curatorenfondsen
    SOZ / Student Counsellors
    Postbus 9500
    2300 RA Leiden

    You can also submit your application in person at the information desk at Plexus Student Centre.

  2. Budget
    You should detail all incoming and outgoing funds during the period in question. For example your rent in Leiden, income from subletting, rent of your room abroad, student travel subsidy (OV kaart subsidie), insurances, study materials, travel costs whilst abroad. Include 5% for unforeseen additional costs.

  3. Curriculum vitae
    Include your post office (giro) or bank account number and your citizen service number (BSN nummer) if applicable.

  4. Grades list

  5. Letter of recommendation  
    From a lecturer, teacher or study advisor. 

  6. DUO statement
    A statement showing the amount of student grant you receive and amount of your student loan to date (if applicable).

  7. Report (upon your return)
    A report of approx. 3 pages is required in which you describe the situation in the area in which you stayed in terms of living, working, social life, customs, travel etc. This report can remain anonymous if you prefer and will be available for other students to view at PITSstop.


Last Modified: 05-09-2012