Appeal to the Examination Appeals Board

If you are unable to reach an agreement on a decision affecting your interests, you can lodge a complaint or appeal within the term set.  Such appeals or complaints may relate to:   

  • A negative binding study recommendation 
  • Decisions made by the Executive Board on the number of study credits achieved in an academic year, and on passing the final examination
  • Decisions by the Executive Board relating to admission to examinations
  • Decisions taken on the grounds of  supplementary investigation into study deficiencies
  • Decisions by the Examinations Board and examiners (exemptions, assessments, etc.)
  • Decisions of colloquium doctum committees (investigations into admission for applicants who have not followed Dutch pre-university education)
  • Decisions by the Executive Board relating to admission to programmes  


If you receive a decision with which you disagree, you should send a letter of objection within 6 weeks to the:
Examinations Appeals Board
PO Box 9500
2300 RA Leiden
Once your objection has been received, by the Executive Board or the chairman of the Examinations Board, discussions will be held with all the parties concerned to try to reach an amicable settlement; such a settlement may mean that your objection may be declared wholly or partly valid, or that you come to realise that the original decision was in fact justified.  
If no settlement is reached, the appeal will be accepted and further investigated. The Executive Board, or Examinations Board, will indicate in writing why it believes the decision to be justified, and you will have the opportunity to respond to this.

The appeal will then be handled in a hearing of the Examination Appeals Board, where both you and the board or committee concerned can put forward and justify your viewpoints.  The Board will reach a decision within 10 weeks after receipt of the letter of objection. In urgent cases, the student can apply to the chairman of the Appeals and Objections Committee for an interim provision in anticipation of the final decision.
If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat of the Appeals and Objections Committee (071-527 8118), or consult the regulations of the examination appeals board.

Last Modified: 14-03-2013