Confidential counsellor on undesirable behaviour

If you are experiencing undesirable behaviour, such as sexual harassment, aggression, violence or discrimination, you can turn to the confidential counsellor.

You will discuss the problem with the counsellor in confidence and together will look for possible solutions. It is also possible to submit a complaint to the Complaints Committee set up for this purpose. Measures can be taken against the accused through the Complaints Procedure for Undesirable Behaviour.

What the confidential counsellor does

The confidential counsellor:

  • provides information on undesirable behaviour

  • guides the complainant and provides him or her with advice

  • tries to reach a solution for the problem through mediation and/or to end the undesirable behaviour

  • supports the complainant in the process of submitting a complaint to the Complaints Committee

  • provides follow-up care

Confidential counsellor

Ms. M.C. Bleeker

Contact information:
Veiligheid, Milieu en Gezondheid (VGM)
Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Leiden
Telephone: 071 527 8015 / 526 8015

Last Modified: 04-07-2013