Relaxation hour

Do you feel constantly tense, have difficulty 'switching off' or finding time to relax. In the relaxation hour you learn techniques to help you let go of the tensions of daily life and be calmer in stressful situations.

Who can join?

Students of Leiden University

How does it work?

In this training, consisting of 5 sessions, we practice a combination of simple physical exercises and meditations. The exercises can help you release physical tension, and feel calm and revitalized. Because students often spend a lot of time 'in their heads' attention is given to being grounded, and awareness of the effect of the exercises on the body. The meditations are more internal. They help you let go of worry thoughts, become more centered and feel more relaxed.

In the sessions we discuss how you can use the techniques in stressful situations in your daily life.

More information

Where: Student Centre Plexus, Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden
When: This workshop is not planned for 2015-2016
Enrol: by sending an email to
Participants: max. 8
Costs:  € 25

Last Modified: 11-01-2016