As part of the Leiden study system, including the Binding Study Advice (BSA), we make sure that first-year students are given valuable guidance. This guidance includes the support of a tutor mentor.

In the first year of tutorship, students receive training in academic skills and study support. The supervising lecturer is both tutor and mentor. During the second year each student is assigned the same lecturer, who will then serve only as a mentor.

What is a tutor?
A tutor is a lecturer who supervises the student (in group meetings) in acquiring important academic skills during the first year of the programme.

What is a mentor?
A mentor is a study supervisor who guides and advises students individually, and who is their first point of contact in case of study problems or personal circumstances. The mentor can, where necessary, refer the student to other persons or institutes (such as the Study Adviser, Student Counsellor, Psychological Counsellors, Plexus Student Centre, etc.).

Last Modified: 07-07-2013