International student adviser

Student adviser

Ms Jantien Delwel

Open consultation hours:

Monday 9:30-12:00hrs
Wednesday 9:30-12:00hrs
Thursday 9.30-12.00hrs

During the Summer months the International Student Adviser will have an adjusted schedule which means that if you have any questions they cannot be answered as quickly as usual.

Please note that:
The next Open Office hours will be on:

Monday 15 th of August from 9.30-12.00
Thursday 18 th of August from 9.30-12.00
Monday 22 nd of August from 9.30-12.00
Thursday 25th of August (from 9:00 – 11:00)
Monday 29th of August from 9.30-12.00
Thursday 1st of September from 9.30-12.00

From Monday 5th of September schedule as usual!

If you have any urgent queries, outside these Open Office hours, Mrs. Delwel will make time to see you if you send her an email in advance.
Phone: +31 (0)71 527 3245
Adress: Plexus Student Centre, Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden (PITSstop area)

As an international student, you may be unfamiliar with Dutch universities and need to be pointed in the right direction when searching for help. The International Student Adviser can help you to find your way around Leiden and its University or refer you to the best contact person.

With what can the international student adviser help me?

Practical issues related to my study programme

  • Who can help me with what? 

  • Where should I ask for help or advice? 

  • Which workshops can I attend to help me with a particular issue?

Support for international students:

  • Information on the support network of the University: student counselling services, student dean, study adviser 

  • Information on the handling of official complaints and appeal 

  • Housing agent problems (besides SLS & Duwo) 

  • Academic concerns 

  • Financial difficulties

  • Request a DIGID code which is needed for the rental allowance and the health care allowance from the taks office

  • Health insurance issues (CVZ):
    Difficulties in finding a family doctor / GP

  • Request the health care allowance (zorgtoeslag)

  • Request the rental allowance (huurtoeslag) (De Leidse Rechtswinkel)

  • Information on study and facilities for children

  • Advice on how to adjust your life to the Dutch environment and find personal support on practical matters of everyday life. 

Resident Assistant

Pilot project Resident Assistants

At the moment there is a pilot project running on the effect of having Resident Assistants at the Hugo de Groot straat 32 In Leiden. A Resident Assistant is a student who is living in the building and functioning as a sort of floor representative.  He or she is helping the other students to feel  at home in the building and helping to create a respectful environment. A small rent deduction will compensate the time and effort. We already have 2 great RA’s who are already available for questions:

Laura Verhoog telephone not available
Raja Singh +31 6 33640216

We are still looking for 3 enthusiastic students who are living at the Hugo de Groot straat 32 and would like to sign up as an RA for the coming academic year. If you are interested check the pdf and let us know!

Organise an event for international students yourself?
If you would like to organise an even for international students, and need help from the University, please contact the International Student Adviser.

News and events

For news and events within the University, please refer to

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