The Kattekop day-care foundation and information about day-care in Leiden & The Hague.

The Kattekop Day-Care Foundation

Leiden University offers children’s day-care facilities for its students and staff in collaboration with the Kattekop day-care foundation. All staff and students associated with the university are entitled to make use of the services offered by the Kattekop. One of the parents/carers must be a student or employee of the university, or an affiliated institution.
The Kattekop Day-Care Foundation
Wassenaarseweg 8
2333 AK Leiden
Telephone 071-517 6363
Website De Kattekop

Chilcare in Leiden & The Hague

In the Netherlands, municipalities are responsible for ensuring that all childcare meets certain requirements regarding safety, cleanliness, insurance and the number of children per carer. There are several forms of childcare, ranging from day-care to pre-school groups, host parents, au pairs or nannies.


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