General Practitioner (GP)

The Dutch general practitioner (GP) or family doctor is called a 'huisarts'.
He or she is your main link to any specialist or hospital. Only in emergency situations is it possible to go to a hospital directly without being referred by a GP.

You are advised to choose a GP practising in your neighbourhood, but not all doctors are able to accept new patients. The first thing to do is to register at a GP's surgery. If you need to visit a GP /Family Doctor, in most cases you need to make an appointment before you visit them. It depends on the matter of urgency whether you will get an appointment the same day.

GPs familiar with international students


  • Dr R.P. Zwaan (female)
    Rijnsburgerweg 163
    2334 BP  Leiden
    071 1577100

  • Dr. de Lange (female) and Dr. Minken (male)
    Bronkhorststraat 43-45
    2316 SZ Leiden
    071 - 521 2025

  • Dr. Boels (male) en Dr L.H. van Berkel (female),
    Oosterkerkstraat 1
    2312 SN Leiden
    071 - 516 2535

  • Dr. J. Lindenhovius (female)
    Arubapad 52
    2315 VA Leiden
    071 - 522 2822

  • Dr. Vernhout (female) & Dr. Nering Bögel (speaks French, male)
    Dahliastraat 26
    2313 VN Leiden
    071 - 512 4403

    You can also find other general practitioners by looking in the telephone directory or in the Yellow Pages (Gouden Gids) under Artsen-huisartsen (GP's).

The Hague
International Health Centre The Hague: Prins Willemstraat 41, 2584 HT, The Hague, telephone number: 070 3065100

GP Emergency post after office hours

After office hours and during weekends there is a special GP emergency post, called
The "Huisartsenpost". 
Phone: 0900-5138039
Location: LUMC, Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden

Please note:

  • The  "Huisartsenpost" is for emergency cases only and is more expensive than a regular visit to a GP / Family doctor during weekly consulting hours. Needless to say that your health insurance will only reimburse you if it was indeed an emergency.

  • Upon calling the "Huisartsenpost" you will first speak to an assistant who will ask you a number of questions to assess the urgency of the situation and type of assistance you require. The assistant will decide if a visit to the "Huisartsenpost" is necessary and let you know at what time you should come.  

  • Be aware that this initial telephone assessment is not free of charge. If you do not have a European Health Insurance card (EHIC) you will receive a bill for this service.

  • If you have an EHIC, remember to take it along with you to your appointment, you will be asked to pay for your visit. You can ask for reimbursement.

  • If you do not have an EHIC you will be also asked to pay for your visit. You can request reimbursement for the cost of your visit and telephone assessment from your health insurance company.

Specialist (specialist)

In the Dutch medical system, the GP is your gateway to any specialist. In most circumstances it is advisory, even when it seems urgent, to first phone your GP. Only in very severe cases should you can call the emergency service (see details below).

He/she will refer you to a specialist and advise you to make an appointment.
At major hospitals, this normally takes a few weeks. Sometimes it helps to try to make an appointment at another hospital.

Dentist (tandarts)

Dutch citizens who are insured against dental costs are supposed to be registered at a local dentist, and have a general check up twice a year. This is not compulsory for international students, but is recommended. If you should require dental care, call any dentist and you will be referred to the dentist on duty for that day. Normally, you will be helped swiftly, but do not be surprised if it takes a few days.

Dental costs are not automatically covered by all Dutch health insurance policies.  Check if your insurance covers dental care. As a rule, you will be asked to pay cash, so make sure you come prepared. If your insurance covers dental costs, ask the dentist for a receipt to enable you to claim a refund from your insurance company.

Some addresses of dentists
Albrecht, Boerhaavelaan 40, 071 5170748
Dental Practice Maresingel, Maresingel 5, 071 5141838
Groeneveldt, Oude Singel 210, 071 5226040
Snoep, Rijnsburgerweg 94, 071 5175636
Van Winsen, Oude Singel 210, 071 5226040
W. Kuiters, Hoge Rijndijk 88, 071 5125215

Dental Hygienist Practice, Breestraat 58, 071 5130405

Psychological Health

The University Student Counselling Service provides assistance for Leiden University students experiencing personal and/or study-related problems. By talking with a counsellor, students can be helped, firstly, to clearly identify the issues they are struggling with, and then to find solutions to these issues. Sometimes, as few as one or two talks can be sufficient.  If specialist or long-term help is indicated, the student can be assisted in finding further help.


Appointments to speak to the international student counsellor or a student psychologist can be made at tel.: 071 527 80 26. Or you can go to the walk-in hour from Monday till Friday between 11.00-11.45 hrs.

Area Health Authority (Gemeenschappelijke Gezondheidsdienst: GGD)

The Area Health Authority for Leiden and surrounding area aims at "promoting the health of the population". The GGD has a prevention and a treatment mandate.

Vaccinations necessary for people planning to go to the tropics can be obtained at the GGD. Foreigners who come to the Netherlands do not usually have to be vaccinated at the GGD. However, people coming from high-risk areas are advised to be tested for tuberculosis at the GGD.

Address: GGD Zuid-Holland Noord, Parmentierweg 49,  2316 ZV Leiden,
Phone: 071-5163333
Opening Hours: 08.30-17.00 (weekdays)

Last Modified: 14-10-2016