Leiden University Orientation Week (OWL)

Great that you've opted for a study at Leiden University! Leiden University's Orientation Week is a significant first step in becoming well acquainted with Leiden University, and helps you to settle in your new city and it's community.                 

During the programme, Leiden students will act as guides to show you and your group around Leiden. Groups are organised by study (faculty/subject) and type of programme (Bachelor, Exchange, SAP/(Dutch)Master).

The programme will include introductions to Leiden University, your own faculty, the student facilities and the city of Leiden. There will also be various workshops (academic and non-academic) available for you to attend. Furthermore a variety of social activities will be organised, such as dinners and parties, which give you the chance to meet with many other international students.

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The Orientation Week Leiden is organised by the Orientation Week Leiden Committee with support of ISN- International Student Network, Leiden United and the University Sport Centre USC

OWL Visiting Adress:

Plexus Student Centre
Kaiserstraat 25, 2311GN Leiden
Phone: +31 71 527 5393


ISN Visiting Address:

Common Room (next to Plexus)
Kaiserstraat 24, 2311GN Leiden
Postbox 439
Phone: +31 71 527 7973




The university considers the OWL programme to be mandatory. This is because of the many advantages that the programme offers to students who do take part. To name a few:
  • You are introduced to your faculty, study and fellow students

  • You get acquainted with the city of Leiden and the whereabouts of the university

  • All the facilities for international students are introduced, ranging from student associations to counselors and student advisers

  • Experience has shown that OWL participants feel more at home, have a larger social network to fall back on and are also more likely to be successful in their study goals.

  • Plus: it’s great fun and gives you the chance to meet a lot of new people!

  • If there is an urgent reason why you can’t fully participate, please contact the OWL committee and see what can be arranged. If it is not possible for you to join the programme at all, it is regrettable but there are no consequences.

“Leiden University strongly recommends you to participate in the Orientation Week Leiden. It will give you a head start in both your academic and social life here in Leiden.”

- mr. Drs. H.W. te Beest, Deputy Chairman Executive Board, Leiden University


Last Modified: 30-05-2017