New talent in town: 40 LExS scholarships awarded

40 students from 30 nationalities assembled for the Leiden Excellence Scholarships ceremony on 3 September. These excellent students were carefully selected from more than 500 applicants and may one day be among the scholars to bring fame to Leiden University.

So happy, so grateful

Maayan Wallach from Tel Aviv, Israel, was among the very happy few attending the ceremony. ‘I am so happy and grateful that I can now complete my qualification.’ For Maayan to practise as a clinical psychologist in Israel, she needs to follow extra practical courses and this scholarship makes that possible. ‘I came to Leiden for love,’ she beams towards her proud husband next to her. But Leiden was also an easy decision, because ‘the programme is taught in English and Leiden is rated among the top in the rankings of good Universities in the world.’ About her application process she added, ‘I was surprised that the process was so quick.’

LExS scholarship students after the graduation ceremony

LExS scholarship students after the graduation ceremony

Leiden an easy choice

Jimita Prashant Toraskar from Mumbai, India

Jimita Prashant Toraskar from Mumbai, India

Jimita Prashant Toraskar from Mumbai, India, feels exceptionally lucky to be in Leiden. She is grateful to Jessica Brouwer from the Leiden University marketing office, who spoke to her at the India Education Exhibition and introduced to her the possibility of continuing her research at Leiden with a LExS scholarship. In her field of biopharmaceutical science Leiden is amongst the best in the world, and ‘it was an easy choice really.’ She will be participating in a very special research project on breast cancer and 3D cell culture. About life in Leiden compared to Mumbai she smiles, ‘Life is so simple and easy here. I don’t feel at all lonely. I’ve already made so many friends.’

Creative solutions for the next Olympics

‘I would like to contribute to the development of my country in the future,’ comments Yuri Yamashita from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is studying for a master’s in Public Administration at Leiden. Given Leiden’s excellent reputation, Yuri feels fortunate to be able to study here. He is in particular happy that Pubic Administration has moved to the international environment of The Hague and this also persuaded him to choose Leiden University. ‘Studying in the Netherlands will be so different from Brazil and I am sure it will be a mind-opening experience.’ Yuri is already thinking about the Olympics to be held in Brazil: ‘In order to overcome major obstacles and organize major events such as the Olympics, we need creative solutions in Brazil.’

The mayor of Leiden has invited all scholarship students to attend a welcoming reception in the town hall on October 5, 17.15.

(3 September – RC)

Yuri Yamashita from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Yuri Yamashita from Sao Paulo, Brazil

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