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Workshop 'How to write a CV that recruiters will love!’

Writing a CV is very easy: just search Google for example documents and fill in your information… or not? In this workshop we will focus on the reader of your CV, because that is the person who decides whether you will be invited for an interview or not. Understanding what the reader is looking for, will enable you to write an effective CV. 

How can you ever write a ‘perfect CV’ when everybody has a different opinion about how it should look and what should be in there? Is one page too short? Should you include hobbies? Your 4 weeks volunteer work? The name of your professor? In this workshop you will experience how recruiters evaluate a CV and with this knowledge you will be able to write a CV that will get you a job interview! 


Thursday, June 9th 2016 from 13.00 until 14.00 hrs

Where? Gorlaeus Laboratoria - L 144 (near the library)

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Participation is free, maximum of 30 participants

Workshop Personal Profile, dates 2016 will follow

This workshop addresses building up your personal profile, including preparing for interviews:

My goals
Helps you begin evaluating your talents, interests, and values.

MBTI: test yourself !
Find out what drives you and what job fits you!

My skills
Learn how to improve networking and social media profiling. And prepare for a good job-interview by: 

  • working in small groups and practice on the spot

  • watching job interview-video's and learn form it

  • getting acqainted with various interview-techniques that will help you through the different job-interview rounds (including salary negociating)

Date and time: coming up

Workshop Career Orientation, dates 2016 will follow

This workshop will help international graduate students learn how to develop your career strategy in or outside The Netherlands and how to find work by utilising various job search strategies, conducting effective company and labour market research, and identifying useful resources.


  • The Dutch labour market for international students
  • Job search strategies (in- and outside The Netherlands)
  • Dutch culture and work ethics
  • Permits and Orientation Year (for non-EU students, this part can be attended separately)


Registration and participation

If for some reason you are unable to participate in a workshop, please let us know as soon as possible either by email ( or by telephone (071-5278025).


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