Leiden University launches the Mentor Network!

Have you figured out what to do after graduation? Do you find it difficult to choose a Master’s program? Or do you want to know more about working at a specific organisation or in a particular industry?

The mentor network allows you to request advice in an informal way from experienced alumni, who not so long ago faced the same choices as you. The  Leiden University Mentor Network provides a clear overview of who you can contact and makes it simple for you to send a request for mentorship. The fact that you share a background at Leiden University makes that initial contact much easier. For you, as a student or young alumnus, this network is a valuable asset as you prepare to enter the job market and when career advice is needed.

How does it work?

The Mentor Network is an online portal that allows you to get in touch with alumni - former students of Leiden University. Using keywords and search filters allows you to search for an alumnus who can answer your questions. You can send him or her a mentor request.

Who can use the portal and for what?

All students, recent graduates and young alumni. You can use the Mentor Network:

  • for career and job application tips from Leiden alumni

  • for information about specific sectors, organisations or positions

  • when choosing an area of study for your Master’s degree

How can I register?

  1. You can register via: http://www.mentornetwerk.universiteitleiden.nl/.  
  2. Once you have activated your account, you can create your profile. This can be done on the basis of your LinkedIn profile if you wish.
  3. Using various filters within the portal you can search for a mentor (experienced alumnus) with whom you would like to make contact.
  4. It is your task as mentee to contact a mentor (mentors will not seek contact with you). If the mentor thinks he/she will be able to help he/she will accept your request. You can then arrange further contact, by mail, telephone, Skype or in person.

Questions about the Mentor Network?

If you have a question about the Mentor Network please contact Leiden University Career Services via careerservices@sea.leidenuniv.nl.


Search tips

For the best search results in the online mentor network, please use the keyword search on the upper left of the search page. The following tips help you to get the best out of your search:

  • Always type in complete words, not parts of a word. For example, search Psychology or Astronomy instead of Psycho or Astro. 

  • If possible, search in both English and Dutch. Some mentors filled out their profiles in Dutch and others in English (often based on the language of their LinkedIn profiles). This might lead to different results.

  • It’s possible to enter multiple keywords by separating them with a space or a comma. Please note: if you enter multiple search terms, only the results that contain all of these search terms on their profiles will be displayed.   

  • Use the blue Go Back button on top of a mentor page to go back to your search results.

Last Modified: 12-10-2016