Required documents and fees

The Admissions Office will apply for a student visa and/or residence permit on your behalf as soon as you have submitted your acceptance of admission offer and all of the documents, fees and information listed here.  

Please note that our deadlines for receipt of all these items are:

  • 1 June for programmes starting in September

  • 1 December for programmes starting in February.

Student statement of non-criminal history
Please submit a completed and signed so-called Antecedents Certificate. To be sent by post or as scanned email attachment.
Visa/residence permit fee
This is to cover the legal fees charged by the Dutch Immigration Department (IND) to process your application. Payment by credit card (MasterCard, American Express or Visa Card) or bank transfer is preferred. Please refer to your offer of admission for payment instructions and be sure to include your full name, student ID number and academic programme.

Passport copy
Please submit a copy of all pages of your passport (including the blank ones). To be sent by post or as scanned email attachment. 

Proof of funds
Please submit proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your living costs (see visa and residence permit finances). 
To make sure that your proof of funds documentation meets the strict requirements of the Dutch Immigration Department (IND), we recommend that you first send us a scanned copy of your bank statement or scholarship letter by email. Once we have confirmed that your documentation is in order please send the original hard copy to us by post.

Tuition fee payment statement (not required for exchange students)
Please submit a written statement or email explaining how your tuition fee will be paid. Please include documentation demonstrating that you or your sponsor(s) are able to pay your tuition fee, for example a copy of a bank statement demonstrating that sufficient funds are available. (Note for Chinese students: we are unable to accept Chinese ‘certificates of deposit’ for this purpose. Only official bank statements are acceptable).
Please note that tuition fees are not included in the standard amount required for monthly living expenses

Nuffic certificate (Chinese students only)
This is a mandatory document for Chinese students applying for a student visa. You are advised to apply for a Nuffic certificate as soon as you apply for admission to the university.

Proof of accommodation
Please refer to the proof of Dutch address section.

Certified copies of diplomas and transcripts
The Admissions Office must receive certified copies of your diplomas and academic transcripts, sent to us directly by the issuing institution in a sealed envelope, with official translations in English if necessary (we accept original transcripts and diplomas in English, German, French and Dutch). If you have not yet graduated, please make sure we receive a certified copy of your latest transcript instead. See your offer of admission for the exact certification requirements.
Note for bachelor applicants: If you are admitted on the basis of your secondary school qualification, you must have obtained your diploma before we may apply for your visa.

Evidence of having met your admission conditions
You will need to provide evidence that you have met all the necessary admission conditions, such as language tests or exams. Please see your offer of admission for details.

For limited quota (lottery) bachelor's programmes only
Please submit proof that you have been allocated a place by the DUO.
Limited quota bachelor's programmes


Rights and exceptions

  • Leiden University retains the right to refuse to apply for a student visa/residence permit if there are significant concerns about the applicant's intended purpose of stay in the Netherlands.

  • The Dutch Immigration Authorities may impose additional requirements in terms of visa/residence permit application documentation, which can result in lengthier procedures.  

Last Modified: 05-09-2017