Fingerprints and photo for your residence permit card

Due to European Union legislation on biometric data, all new residence permits in the Netherlands must have a chip that contains fingerprint data and a digital photo.

Procedures – Students requiring an entry visa

Students who require an MVV (student entry visa) will have their biometric data recorded at the Dutch Embassy in the country where they collect their MVV sticker. The embassy will inform you of the relevant procedures once your visa application has been provisionally approved.

Note: occasionally the quality of biometric data recorded at embassies is insufficient, in which case you will receive an invitation to have your data recorded once more after arrival in the Netherlands.

Procedures – Students not requiring a (new) entry visa

Students who require a residence permit for study, but not an entry visa, are required to have their fingerprints and digital photo (biometric data) recorded after arrival in the Netherlands. This can be done either at a Dutch Immigration Department  (IND) office, or during one of the biometric data sessions held in Leiden at the start of each semester. This requirement also applies to students who already reside in the Netherlands and need to extend or change their residence permit, but whose current residence permit does not yet have a chip containing their biometric data.

What should you do?

  • Make sure the Admissions Office has already applied for your (new) residence permit. 
  • Wait for the Admissions Office to send you a copy of your ‘IND letter of receipt’ as scanned email attachment. This letter confirms that your residence permit request is being processed by the IND.

  • Have your biometric data recorded (after arrival) in the Netherlands by signing up for a biometric data session in Leiden, to be held on 6 and 8 September. You can sign up here

Collecting your residence permit

IND officers will visit Leiden early each semester to issue students with their residence permit ID cards. If your biometric data was recorded before arrival (visa students) or during a biometric data session in Leiden (non-visa students), it is likely that you will be invited to collect your residence permit card during one of these visits. If your data was recorded later you will instead have to travel to the local IND office to collect your card. The Admissions Office will notify you about when, where and how you can collect your residence permit card as soon as possible. Please note that you cannot be issued with your residence permit card until your biometric data has been recorded.

Residence permit collection dates at Leiden University:

  • 8 September (visa students)

  • 5 October (non-visa students)

Last Modified: 05-09-2017