Finding a part-time job in the NL

Part-time jobs

Finding a part-time job is easier said than done. It is important to take a few practical and the legal issues into account. Depending on your nationality you can work for only a limited number of hours per week and only if the employer has applied for a work permit for you. Feel free to ask for advice from the International Student Adviser.

A. Practical issues to consider:

  1. Do I need to speak Dutch to take this job? 
  2. Do I have enough time in my study schedule? 
  3. Could this job add to my career or will it help me only financially? 
  4. Is my potential employer familiar with the most up-to-date regulations for hiring foreign citizens?
  5. Does the compulsory health insurance cost more than the income from my part-time job?
Note that traineeships or internships are also seen as work, and therefore certain rules apply.

B. Legal issues to consider:

The following questions will help you determine which regulation applies to you when reading the need-to-know regulations explaining the legal issues for working while studying (source: Nuffic)

  1. Do I need health insurance?
    When you take a part-time job you are obliged to take out the Dutch basic health care insurance
  2. Do I need a social fiscal-number?
    When you take a part-time job you are obliged to obtain a BSN number at the Town Hall.
  3. Do I need a work permit?
    Students from outside the EU/EEA need a work permit and have two options if they want to work while studying: either no more than 10 hours / week year-round, or full-time during the months of June, July and August. Students from EU/EEA can work in the Netherlands. Different rules apply for students from Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.
    More about work permits
  4. Can I apply for the health care allowance to help me cover the costs of the Dutch basic health insurance? Check this out on the Dutch Tax authorities website !


C. Ask for help or advice

Contact the International Student Adviser 
Location: Student Centre Plexus, PITSstop, Kaiserstraat 25. 

Contact the student job agencies in Leiden
1. For students staying in the Netherlands for more than 9 months.
2. Social Security number to be obtained at the Leiden tax department or town hall.
Non - EU / EER students must have a valid residence permit and must also pay for their own work permit.  
Luba (in Dutch)
Kort Rapenburg 10
2311 GC Leiden
071 5149745 

SUSA (in Dutch) 
Steenstraat 10
071 5135720 

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