Scholarships, grants and loans

Leiden University scholarships and loans

The scholarships and loans website provides information on scholarships and other grants available to students at Leiden University. It also provides links to general scholarship search engines.

Please also look into the funding possibilities offered by your home country, as the websites above may not list all possibilities. It may be worth contacting your embassy or local Ministry of Education to explore additional options.

Student Finance from the Dutch education ministry

The Dutch education ministry offers student finance to full-time Dutch students who meet certain requirements. In some cases, non-Dutch students may be entitled to student finance as well. Please check the website of DUO for more information on the conditions.

Study abroad scholarships

We encourage all students at Leiden University to participate in a study abroad programme. More information on the scholarships offered by Leiden University, the European Union and other institutions can be found on the ‘Study Abroad During your Study ’ website.

Last Modified: 06-09-2017