Tuition fees for second bachelor’s programme

Students undertaking a second bachelor’s programme do not pay statutory tuition fee. Instead they pay an institutional fee, which is generally higher.

For students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country, different regulations apply.

Initial registration
If you wish to register for a bachelor’s programme for the first time and you have already obtained a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoraal, engineering or applied sciences (hbo) degree in the Netherlands after September 1991, you will pay the following tuition fee:

  2015/2016  2016/2017  2017/2018

Bachelor’s programmes in humanities or social sciences (incl. liberal arts and sciences)

€ 10,200 € 9,500 € 9,500

Bachelor’s programmes in mathematics, natural sciences and biomedical sciences

€ 13,000 € 13,000 € 13,000


€ 15,000 € 15,100 € 15,300 
Joint programmes with TU Delft:      
Bachelor MST  € 8,678 € 10,000 € 13,000

Exceptions for registration on bachelor’s programmes 
The exceptions below are not applicable to students who on the basis of their nationality are required to pay a higher tuition fee.
The exceptions 1 and 2 do also not apply to students who have paid a high institutional tuition fee in the academic year 2013/2014.

  1. Students who must pay an institutional tuition fee for a second bachelor’s programme at Leiden University, which they commenced whilst still being registered for another initial bachelor’s programme which they have since completed, may pay an institutional tuition fee which is set at the same amount as statutory tuition fee. 

  2. Furthermore, students who completed their first bachelor’s programme at Leiden University in the academic year directly preceding the year in which they commenced their second bachelor’s programme, may pay an institutional tuition fee which is set at the same amount as statutory tuition fee. 

  3. Students who have completed a bachelor’s programme and directly thereafter have registered at Leiden University for a so called pre-masters / conversion programme in order to prepare for an intended registration on a master’s programme at Leiden University, pay a reduced institutional tuition fee for their pre-masters programme. Different tuition fees apply for the subsequent master’s programme.

The institutional tuition fee which has been set at the same amount as statutory tuition fee, as mentioned above, amounts to
2015-2016: € 1,951
2016-2017: € 1,984
2017-2018: € 2,006

For bachelor’s programmes at Leiden University College in The Hague an additional surcharge applies of:
2015-2016: € 2,135
2016-2017: € 2,135
2017-2018: € 2,135



Last Modified: 05-09-2017