Application procedure for bachelor’s programmes

Application to Leiden University

You can apply online for admission to a bachelor’s programme at Leiden University if you are:  
  • an international student,

  • a Dutch student with a non-Dutch diploma, such as the International or European Baccalaureate,

  • a Dutch student with a specific type of Dutch diploma, -for example a VWO diploma with deficiencies or a propedeuse diploma-, Refer to this list for all applicable diplomas,

  • applying for the Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (LUC the Hague).

Please note that students applying for the joint Bachelor’s programme in Life, Science and Technology and the joint Bachelor’s programme’s in Clinical Technology should apply to Delft University of Technology.

Dutch students with a Dutch diploma can also visit the website studereninleiden/toegang (in Dutch).

Please make sure you submit your application and €100 application fee before the application deadline.

Registration with Studielink

In addition to applying to the university, you will need to register with Studielink, the enrolment system for higher education in the Netherlands. We advise you to do so before 1 May. The final deadline to take care of this matter is 1 September. Failure to do so will result in you not being permitted to join the study programme.

If you are applying for a limited quota programme, a different deadline applies: 15 January
If you are applying for a programme for which compulsory matching is required you are encouraged to submit your application before the early bird deadline of 15 January. The regular deadline is 1 May.

If you have any questions about Studielink or need help registering, please refer to the Studielink ‘I have a question’.

Compulsory matching

Students applying for our programmes in Psychology and Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences must complete a compulsory matching module. This allows you to get to know the study programme and the university before finalising your registration. If you are convinced that the programme is really for you after compulsory matching, and you have met all standard entry requirements, you can complete registration formalities.
More information about compulsory matching:

Selection procedure for limited quota programmes

There are four Bachelor’s programmes with a limited number of places available at Leiden University. This means that even if you meet the admissions criteria for the programme you are not necessarily guaranteed a place. The following programmes have a limited quota of places:

For these programmes a selection and placement procedure is in place. To participate in this procedure you must submit an online application and register in Studielink by January 15th at the latest. Proficiency in Dutch is compulsory. You may participate in the selection procedure a maximum of two times.

Steps to take

  • October 1 till January 15 23.59 h: submit request for registration
    You must submit a request for registration in Studielink before midnight on January 15. Also submit an application for admission in our Online Application System. If you withdraw your request for registration in Studielink before midnight on January 15 you will not use up a selection attempt.

  • January 16 till April 15: selection procedure and ranking
    The selection procedure starts on January 16. More information about procedures and selection criteria can be found on the website of each study programme. On April 15 you will receive a ranking number via Studielink. The lower your ranking number the greater your chance of being offered a place.

  • April 15 till August 31: places offered
    From April 15 onwards places will be offered. If a student withdraws or turns down the offer his or her place will be offered to the next student in line. This means that places will be offered throughout the period April 15 to August 31. If you are offered a place you will have fourteen days in which to accept or decline.
    Note: remember to check your email and spam folder regularly from April 15 onwards.

Correcting your number of selection attempts
In Studielink you can see how many selection attempts you have used up. If you fail your final exams, and are therefore not eligible for admission, you can request that your selection attempt be cancelled (corrected). You can only request corrections for academic years in which you participated in the selection procedure, or academic years in which you took part in the centralized selection (prior to 2017-2018). First withdraw your request for registration in Studielink. After that you can use the form Request correction selection attempts to request a correction to your number of selection attempts. Please note that requests will only be considered upon receipt of proof that you failed your final exams.

What happens after I submit my application?

  • The Admissions Office will check whether you have paid the application fee (if required) and if your application is complete.

  • You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application and, if necessary, indicating any documents you still need to submit.

  • The Admissions Office and the Admissions Committee of the relevant faculty/department will review your application.

  • The faculty or department will make its decision four to six weeks after receiving your application documents and fee. In the meantime, you can track the status of your application online.

  • The Admissions Office or faculty will email you a copy of the Admission Committee’s decision.

  • If you have been admitted, you will then receive an email from the Admissions Office with information on student housing, immigration, student registration and further required documents.

  • Applicants for limited quota programmes will have to take part in the selection procedure. You are only guaranteed a place on the programme after meeting all admission criteria and being awarded a place via the selection procedure. 

You are required to submit all documents required to meet your admission conditions before the official start date of your study programme. Failure to do so may result in you not being permitted to start your studies. If you require a student visa/residence permit please be aware that certain admission conditions, such as language requirements and submitting certified copies of academic records, must be met before the visa/residence permit application deadline.

Last Modified: 05-09-2017