Admission requirements for bachelor’s programmes

Admission requirements for English-taught bachelor’s programmes

Please refer to the indivial programme descriptions for information.These can be found under the section entitled bachelor’s programmes not requiring Dutch proficiency.

Admission requirements for Dutch-taught bachelor’s programmes

Admission to Dutch-taught bachelor’s programmes is based on three factors:

  1. Diploma requirements
    The admissions office has drawn up a list of most common foreign diplomas that meet the minimum requirements for admission. Go to the General Admission Diploma Requirements for more information.   
    If your diploma does not meet the requirements, you may still be admitted on the condition that you take entrance exams or national exams to compensate for any academic deficiencies. We will notify you about which exams are required after you have submitted your application for admission. 

  2. Programme-specific requirements
    The specific entry requirements for each bachelor’s programme are indicated under each bachelor's programme. 

  3. Language requirements
    You will need to submit proof of proficiency in Dutch in order to be admitted to a Dutch-taught bachelor’s programme.        
    Proof of proficiency in English is also an admission requirement for all Dutch-taught bachelor’s programmes. This is because some of your study materials and lectures may be in English.  

    Other languages
    Some bachelor’s programmes also require proficiency in other languages.

    If neither your diploma nor your language level is deemed sufficient, you will most likely not be admitted. Instead, you will be advised to apply to an HBO institution in the Netherlands or a university in your home country.   
    Detailed information
    Please visit our page on Language requirements for bachelor’s programmes for:

    • A list of our English taught bachelor’s programmes

    • Details of who can be exempted from submitting an English test result

    • Details of who can be exempted from submitting a Dutch test result

    • Instructions on how to submit your language test results

    • More detailed information on language test requirements

Last Modified: 05-09-2017