About the online application system

Questions and answers about the online application system.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account
    The first step is to create an online application account. During the process the system will send an email to the address you provide, asking you to activate your account. Once you have done so you can return to the online application system and start your application.
  2. Start you application
    The application consist of the 13 steps mentioned below. Each step requires you to add  information or supporting documents. All documents can be uploaded directly from you computer. You do not need to submit any documents by post at this stage in your application.

    Detailed information on each step can be accessed by clicking the i-symbol in the online application system:
    Step 1 Fill out personal details (name, date of birth, nationality, etc.)
    Step 2 Fill out address details (where you live, emergency contact address)
    Step 3 Provide housing information (do you want the university to help you find housing in Leiden?)
    Step 4 Educational background (your previous education, schools attended)
    Step 5 Language proficiency (your proficiency in English and if applicable in other languages)
    Step 6 Proposed programme (the programme you are applying for)
    Step 7 Scholarship (have you applied for a scholarship or loan, and if so, which ones?)
    Step 8 Supporting documents (required documents needed to apply)
    Step 9 Additional documents (other optional supporting documents, not obligatory)
    Step 10 Survey (how did you learn about Leiden University?)
    Step 11 Application fee (payment of the application fee, if applicable)
    Step 12 Review (double check that you have completed steps 1-10)
    Step 13 Submit (you will be able to submit your application after steps 1-10 have been completed).

Problems with submitting your application?

You will be able to submit you application only after all steps have been completed.

  • make sure you have filled out all the required fields:
    - A red check on a white square indicates that a step has been completed.
    - A white square without a check indicates an uncompleted step.

  • make sure you have attached all the required documents.

What happens once you have completed and submitted your application?
After you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email. Once your application has been verified and your application fee received (if applicable) you will be allocated an ‘International Programmes Officer’ who will oversee your application and guide you through all the subsequent steps.  
Uploading extra (scholarship) documents after submission of your application
Once you have submitted your online application it is no longer possible to upload additional information. If you would like to provide us with additional documents (for example a scholarship application or a recently obtained diploma) you should send them by email to your International Programmes Officer. You will receive his/her contact details as soon as your application has been verified and your application fee (if applicable) received.

We will add the relevant documents to your online application file.

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Last Modified: 11-12-2013