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Contacts for Students

Are you looking for information on contact details, locations, or who you should contact in case of questions or emergency situations?

International student adviser

Questions about practical matters like doctor, health insurance, part time jobs, Dutch study grant, etc. The International Student Adviser can help you or refer you to the best contact person.

News & announcements

Join the Lunä Talk on 28 September

Come and join a special conversation in Museum Boerhaave on 28 September evening. At full moon, a company of eight will discuss extraterrestrial life, robotics, artifical intelligence and the imagination of these themes in the arts.

Join a focus group!

Do you want to share your opinion about our university? Are you dissatisfied with certain aspects of university life? Do you want to share your ideas on how things can be improved? If you would like to participate, please register for one of the student focus groups!

New ombudsperson for students

Eugène van der Heijden has been the new ombudsman for students since last spring. Education and students have been the central theme of his entire career.