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A special part-time job: Susanne is vice president of the Youth Parliament for Water

Susanne Reitsma, who is enrolled in the International Studies programme, has a very special passion: water. In April 2015, she was elected vice president of the World Youth Parliament for Water, in which capacity she works to make clean drinking water and sanitation available throughout the world. What does Suzanne find so special about water? And what is it like to combine a vice presidency with her studies? We asked her five questions.

Elections for the University Council: SGL catches up to LVS

During the student elections for the University Council, Studenten Groepering Leiden (SGL, Student Assembly Leiden) gained a seat and caught up to the Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS, List Progressive Students). Both parties now have three seats in the council. The voter turnout for the elections was 21%.