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Welcome to Leiden

Leiden University welcomes all new students. On the Pre-departure & arrival website you will find information about the orientation week, things to do before and after arrival, start-up guide to study success and much more.

International student adviser

Questions about practical matters like doctor, health insurance, part time jobs, Dutch study grant, etc. The International Student Adviser can help you or refer you to the best contact person.

News & announcements

A day @ the park for international students

‘A day at the park’ at Orientation Week Leiden (OWL) is a day with traditional Dutch games and typical Dutch weather. After a rain shower there’s the sun and live music. What more could an international wish for? Meeting Dutch students, of course! Watch the video.

6 things you need to know to feel happy in Leiden

There is so much we can tell new international students. We could boast about famous Nobel Prize winners like Kamerlingh Onnes or glamorous alumni like DJ Amin van Buuren. But what’s more important is that you feel at home. Take the crash course on ‘How to Feel Happy in Leiden’.