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International student adviser

Questions about practical matters like doctor, health insurance, part time jobs, Dutch study grant, etc. The International Student Adviser can help you or refer you to the best contact person.

Locations & contact

Locations, addresses and directions of all university buildings in Leiden and The Hague & how to contact Leiden University.

News & announcements

Who do you think is the best lecturer?

Do you think that one of your lecturers deserves a prize for giving such good lectures? Find some students who think the same as you and nominate your lecturer for the 2015 Leiden Teaching Prize. You have until 3 November to send in your nomination.

Diversity Symposium 2014: ‘Excellence through diversity’

What contribution can diversity and inclusiveness make to research and education, and to the University as an organisation? Leiden University administrators, staff and students will discuss this issue on 11 November 2014. There will be inspiring speakers from home and abroad, a dinner and workshops. The winner of the Van Bergen Prize will also be announced. You are very welcome to attend!