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Contacts for Students

Are you looking for information on contact details, locations, or who you should contact in case of questions or emergency situations?

International student adviser

Questions about practical matters like doctor, health insurance, part time jobs, Dutch study grant, etc. The International Student Adviser can help you or refer you to the best contact person.

News & announcements

Protecting personal data and preventing data leaks

What should you do if you lose a USB stick containing confidential information? Or if a copy of a passport goes missing? New legislation demands the reporting of losses and a crackdown on data leaks. The university is calling on its employees and students to be extra careful with confidential data.

Join a student focus group!

Do you want to share your opinion about Leiden University? Do you want to share your ideas on how things can be improved? If you would like to participate, please register for one of the student focus groups! Everybody is welcome, you do not necessarily have to belong to one of the groups. You can participate anonymously and the results of the meeting will be used as input for improving (diversity) policy at our university.